Welcome to Pro Wrestling Worldwide Magazine Blog

What do you get when you cross the show “60 Minutes” with the world of Professional Wrestling? The soon to be launched “Pro Wrestling Fit World Wide Magazine”. This is the new video magazine featuring three of the pro wrestling industry’s most controversial figures as the show hosts.

This is the official blog of Pro Wrestling Fit Worldwide Magazine. We are the fastest growing, most respected wrestling video news and rumors website in the world! Our site includes WWE news, spoilers, results and more.

The first video edition of Pro Wrestling World Wide Magazine was released in July, 2014. We have become popular because of our policy to not break kayfabe in our stories. We traditionally treat all “angles”, or storylines, as real. Some PWWWM columnists however, write highly controversial behind the scenes “Shoot” articles and interviews that give you the honest opinions of the wrestlers and other industry experts.

We have become well known for offering both written and video articles and interviews on the same site.

Be sure to visit often and feel free to give comments on the articles. We value your opinion here at Pro Wrestling Fit Worldwide Magazine.

We will be covering news and events from WWE, TNA, and Zero 1 Pro Wrestling Fit.

Our staff of highly respected industry experts includes:

Producer / Director / Video Magazine Show Host: Kevin Rhodes is a three time World Jr. Heavy Weight Champion who brings his many years of experience in the Pro Wrestling Industry to the table along with his media knowledge. He not only produces and directs the Pro Wrestling Worldwide Video Magazine but the Pro Wrestling Fit International Radio & Television shows as well. Mr. Rhodes is the genius of pro wrestling’s modern era who is putting the “Wrestling” back into “Pro Wrestling”! He will tell you himself that this isn’t Sports Entertainment. We are a real Pro Wrestling company!

Publisher / Show Host: Richard Love is a best selling author, wrestler and full time professional martial arts instructor who has had a distinguished military career as a linguist and intelligence agent. He now makes his full time living as a professional wrestling show host, television and radio personality.

Advertising Director: Li Qiu

Staff Columnist: Travis O’Beir

Senior Writer: Leroy Jenkins


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